Extensive Support

PoPy combines the power of industry-standard modelling packages with an easy-to-use interface and numerous examples, while being free to use for academic and educational purposes. Getting the best out of PoPy’s features, however, requires more than just an intuitive interface so we provide clear instructions and support to help you both when you’re getting started and when things go wrong.

Thorough Documentation

PoPy comes with extensive documentation in the form of detailed tutorials, a broad range of case studies to illustrate PoPy’s many features, and a comprehensive reference manual in both hyperlinked HTML and printable PDF formats.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

PoPy is an ideal package for students who wish to learn PK/PD, from basic principles to advanced modelling techniques. To make it especially easy to get started with PoPy we include a tutorial format that, with a single line at the command prompt, showcases every stage of the modelling process: data synthesis, fitting, simulation and visualization.

We know, however, that academics are the experts in education so we look forward to working with those teaching PK/PD in order to develop course material around PoPy to benefit the next generation of PK/PD scientists.

Informative Error Messages

Things do occasionally go wrong and, when they do, you want to to know exactly what has happened. We know from experience that knowing you had a “segmentation fault” or a “stack overflow” isn’t helpful when developing complex models for PK/PD. PoPy’s error reporting is therefore designed to catch errors early and explain them in straightforward language, so that you can find the bugs in your model as quickly as possible.

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