Powerful Features

PoPy’s intuitive interface and automated visualization make it perfect for people who are new to PK/PD, and it contains all of the features that are required for day-to-day modelling:

  • Nonlinear mixed-effect models
  • Bolus and infusion dosing regimens
  • Interoccasion variability
  • Continuous, categorical and time-to-event modelling
  • Mixed PK and PD models

Also, however, PoPy has advanced functionality for more experienced users, including features that many other PK/PD modelling packages do not.

Explicit Hierarchical Models

Hierarchical models that use several occasions for each of many individuals can be difficult to encode when you need to keep track of the associated random effects. With PoPy, you need only define one random effect at each level of the hierarchy and the software takes care of the rest, making the model more explicit and self-documenting.

Complex Dosing

As well as supporting common dosing regimens, we also provide built-in support for multiple, overlapping doses that use complex functions such as the Weibull and Gamma curves. Taking away the need for you to write custom code for complex dosing makes better use of your time and reduces errors.

Data Synthesis

PoPy makes it easy to generate artificial data from a model of your design using a variety of statistical models for variability and error. You can then use these simulated datasets, created from known underlying parameters, to explore the properties of your model and the performance of different fitting methods.

Fitting to synthetic data for exploration is especially easy using PoPy’s tutorial format where all parameters of the modelling processing can be put into a single control file.

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